I will not be ruled by a Scale

15337537_10155575657632796_4934307323736323964_nOn my cold morning walk today, I was stuck that  I’ve committed to an exercise routine. Not because I have to but because I want to.  I’m moving my body because it makes me feel free.  This awareness hit me and I thought, “oh how sweet it is – to have this desire deep in my spirit that it’s become a habit.”
You see before, like so many other people I was focused on a number.
I wanted the number on the scale to go down. I wanted to achieve a certain amount of weight loss at a certain date and time. I followed a certain diet plan and had to follow other people’s
I ignored my passion of the need to feel FREE when I am doing anything.  No wonder I failed.  I was following someone else’s  plan instead of my own.
So I will not be led by numbers, instead, I will focus on healthy living, being well with in my mind, body and spirit and having a joyful time while doing it. I am looking at the accomplishment that I got out of my warm bed and went out to walk and enjoyed it.
This to me is #livingfromwithin and #stopweightingtobethin.
I am free! I am free! I am free to be ME!!

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