When I met a Rock Star & Still Had Fat Thoughts

img-20160306-02348I visited Isla Mujers  in March of 2016 and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Bif Naked. She was the main speaker at the We Move Forward Conference.

As  a single, plus-sized woman, this was my first time travelling alone. So that was a big deal in and of it’s self. I had my aunt warning me that I was going to be “KILLED” in Mexico.

My anxiety was built up around the fears about my physical body.  My thoughts were  – will I fit on the plane?  OMG, I have to wear a bathing suit.  OMG, what about my hair – I’m a Black Woman!!!  I can’t get my hair wet.  And old negative body thoughts came rushing through my mind.  Let’s just say I was sweating  and a hot mess – and it wasn’t because of the heat.

I worked hard to go to this conference. I had my ticket.  It was non-refundable.  I was not going to let my thoughts ruin my time on this trip.   The thoughts came and went but because I had worked hard to fall in love and accept my body as it is – where it is – I ventured on.

On the last day of the conference, I challenged myself  – and asked Bif Naked to take a picture with me.  I shared with her how her talk was very inspiring and her experiences reminded me of my sister’s story.  I shared with her how her story, had gave me great insight in how to helping my sister.  I am not a lover of tattoos for myself – my sister loves them – so I wanted to show my sister Bif’s amazing tattoos to inspire her.  So I walked up to Bif, feeling the fear, feeling those negative fat thoughts  of (OMG FAT GIRLS DON’T WHERE WHITE – you look so FAT!!) and DID IT ANYWAYS.

I walked to Bif.  Told her a bit about myself and my sister and had this amazing experience.  I AM SO HAPPY I DID IT.

I  looked at this picture and see a woman (me) who looks beautiful.  I see a woman who is wearing her mother’s pants and felt honoured that I had a tiny bit of my mom at the conference.  I see a woman who challenged herself and walked through her fears. I felt the fear and did it anyways!!!

Body Love is not always feeling love for your body  100% of the time – body love is compassionate love for yourself – it’s embracing your body – it’s seeing yourself as a beautiful being – no matter your size – true body love  is really soul love. – and it is a daily flowing process.

Here is to feeling the fear and saying EFF-to those beauty standards and it’s time to Live From Within and Stop Weighting to be Thin®

Lots of Love,

If  this resonates with you and you would like to start Live From Within and Stop Weighting to be Thin® connect to me for a complimentary 30 minute Body W.R.A.P.  (Wellness Resiliency & Acceptance Plan).  Click here to connect to me today. 




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