Hi I am, Ophelia  founded the Beyond Body Love Project (BBLP) in 2015.  I am a Body Confidence Coach and a Global Ambassador with the Body Image Movement.

I am on a mission to empower women, especially plus sized women to    learn to love, accept, believe and  intuitively connect to their body. My trademark mantra is Live From Within and Stop Weighting to be Thin®.

The BBLP is about empowering, training and coaching women the ABC’s (Accept, Believe and Connect) of Body Love so they can go and empower other women and young girls.


I was that happy-go-lucky and active kid with an amazing family, friends and community who built me up with confidence and self-esteem.  However, when I hit young adulthood, my body changed rapidly into this voluptuous thing – that I didn’t understand. And didn’t want.  All of a sudden, I had men (very older men) looking at me funnily and it made me feel uncomfortable.

I remember that I started dieting at age 13.  My half-sister had come to visit me.  She was 16 and I thought I want to be just like her.  She wanted to go on a diet and I went right along.

I dieted nearly constantly. Weight Watchers was my program of choice, and while weight would come off, it always found its way back. And then some.  I was successful.  I had beautiful relationships. I achieved a lot.  I was happy.  However, when I looked in the mirror (and it wasn’t often) and saw my entire body – I didn’t like it and many times I hated it.  I always that there was a part of me that needed to be fixed.

I soon learned, that m soul didn’t desire to be a certain size but rather, my soul wanted to feel at home in my body.  My soul’s home was my body and I was burning down my home with my negative thoughts.  These thoughts were silent at times, but still so deadly.

I started to live from with.  I stopped weighing myself.  I stopped the restricted eating and I started to enjoy life.   I no longer attach feelings of guilt and shame to food.  I enjoyed food. I became more mindful with how I eat.  Fitness was for fun way to move my body – it wasn’t a chore.  I started to wear clothing that showed my arms and that was a little but more cling to my body.  I became more comfortable in my relationship.  I was free to be me.

Let me teach you how you can fall in love with your self and your body and Live From Within and Stop Weighting to be Thin®.

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