Beyond Body Love Project

15058657_10155495936132796_1323592527_nIn an exclusive Glamour survey, partially designed by Kearney-Cooke, 97 percent of survey female respondents reported having severe negative thoughts about their body throughout the course of a full day.  In essence 97% of women are having are dissatisfied with their body image and think they need to “fix” their bodies to be happy and on a daily basis have “I hate my body” moments.

The body positive movement encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.

V. Ophelia Rigault is the founder of the Beyond Body Love Project.  Ophelia started this project in 2015, because she did not see specific grass roots initiatives that was providing training to women and girls on “how to love and embrace their bodies”.  The body positive movement has provided insights and reasearch  that is re-defining beauty – however, there is still a strong emphasis on “image” and not many programs to help women and girls to channel that new found body-confidence into leadership ideas.

Ophelia wants women to fall in love with their bodies then go beyond.

Ophelia has been running self-help groups for women since the mind 1990’s and is a certified life coach and has training and education in psychology as well as sociology. She is also a confident plus-sized women, who learned to embrace and love the body she is in.

The project trains women who are 40+ to be mentors to younger women to become better leaders in their community in to go beyond the “body love” ideal.   The program provides training to younger women (25 – 39) to be self-help facilitators to go out in their community to run support/education for younger women and girls in the areas of:  body-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc.

To learn more – contact Ophelia