How I Lovingly Embraced my Body Through Movement

16299371_10155797948997796_3743407232770661359_nToday is the last day of my #movementchallenge and I discovered so much about my body. I discovered I’m stronger than I thought. I solidified the feeling that when I move my body out of loveūüíö instead of guilt/hate/shame that my spirit responds with compassionate self-love and my body lovingly embraces this concept. I discovered my body can get up and down from on the floor to play with my niece, with minimal effort. I discovered when I intentionally let go of the “diet mentality”

I discovered my body can get up and down from on the floor to play with my niece, with minimal effort. I discovered when I intentionally let go of the “diet mentality”

I discovered my body can get up and down from on the floor to play with my niece, with minimal effort. I discovered when I intentionally let go of the “diet mentality” I allow my body and mind to intuitively guide me to its needs of what I need to do, to make it feel well, happy and whole.


I conquered a hill today.  I walked up and down a hill and was not scared to do it Рmy body wanted to and enjoyed doing the movement.  

And I have proven to myself that true body love is really soul love. Now, this is me living from within and stop weighting to be thin! ‘

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When I met a Rock Star & Still Had Fat Thoughts

img-20160306-02348I visited Isla Mujers  in March of 2016 and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Bif Naked. She was the main speaker at the We Move Forward Conference.

As ¬†a single, plus-sized woman, this was my first time travelling alone. So that was a big deal in and of it’s self. I had my aunt warning me that I was going to be “KILLED” in Mexico.

My anxiety was built up around the fears about my physical body. ¬†My thoughts were ¬†– will I fit on the plane? ¬†OMG, I have to wear a bathing suit. ¬†OMG, what about my hair – I’m a Black Woman!!! ¬†I can’t get my hair wet. ¬†And old negative body thoughts came rushing through my mind. ¬†Let’s just say I was sweating ¬†and a hot mess – and it wasn’t because of the heat.

I worked hard to go to this conference. I had my ticket.  It was non-refundable.  I was not going to let my thoughts ruin my time on this trip.   The thoughts came and went but because I had worked hard to fall in love and accept my body as it is Рwhere it is РI ventured on.

On the last day of the conference, I challenged myself ¬†– and asked Bif Naked to take a picture with me. ¬†I shared with her how her talk was very inspiring and her experiences reminded me of my sister’s story. ¬†I shared with her how her story, had gave me great insight in how to helping my sister. ¬†I am not a lover of tattoos for myself – my sister loves them – so I wanted to show my sister Bif’s amazing tattoos to inspire her. ¬†So I walked up to Bif, feeling the fear, feeling those negative fat thoughts ¬†of (OMG FAT GIRLS DON’T WHERE WHITE – you look so FAT!!) and DID IT ANYWAYS.

I walked to Bif.  Told her a bit about myself and my sister and had this amazing experience.  I AM SO HAPPY I DID IT.

I ¬†looked at this picture and see a woman (me) who looks beautiful. ¬†I see a woman who is wearing her mother’s pants and felt honoured that I had a tiny bit of my mom at the conference. ¬†I see a woman who challenged herself and walked through her fears. I felt the fear and did it anyways!!!

Body Love is not always feeling love for your body ¬†100% of the time – body love is compassionate love for yourself – it’s embracing your body – it’s seeing yourself as a beautiful being – no matter your size – true body love ¬†is really soul love. – and it is a daily¬†flowing process.

Here is to feeling the fear and saying EFF-to those beauty standards and it’s time to Live From Within and Stop Weighting to be Thin¬ģ

Lots of Love,

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EFF New Year New You BS

eff-your-beauty-standars-logoI worked hard for this me in 2016.
The highs and the lows allowed me to turn my wounds into wisdom.
I’m proud of who I am. I love my body. I counted over ¬†15 different ads on my Facebook feed that was all telling ¬†women that their current body was not good enough. That they needed a new body and that (the product) they were selling was the answer to their prayers.

I have good and bad #bodylove¬†days. However, I’m grateful that I have this body on ALL DAYS.¬†So why now in 2017 will I suddenly want a new one? ¬†I don’t want a new me!!!

I say #efftheNewYearNewYouBS and I will #celebratemysize because #ihaveembraced my body with love, light and compassion.



#bodyconfidence #selfcare #bodylove #bodyselflove #selflove#selfesteem
#livingfromwithin and #stopweighingtobethin

Lots of Love,


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3 Steps to Letting go of your Limiting Beliefs about your Body


It’s all about creating a ROADMAP


A very common limiting belief that I see a lot with women is a thought system that ‚ÄúI can‚Äôt be my real self or I‚Äôll be judged.‚Ä̬† It’s a story that we have told ourselves.

When I took my Master Coaching Training with Dr. David Krueger, a powerful shift happened for me. I was able to understand from a neuro-psychological level that changing our belief system will be challenging, it will actually, and at times cause physical pain.¬† This happens because our brain is literally being re-wired as we make these new changes in our life. So that old saying that ‚Äúchange is painful‚ÄĚ ‚Äď is true.

Changing a limiting belief, a belief system that has held you back, will take time and effort on your part.¬† You have created a story in your mind that this is ‚Äúwho you are‚ÄĚ and this story has become your identity.¬† It‚Äôs ONLY when we question and access those stories are we able to truly become WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Here is how you let it go…

Step 1 RECOGNIZE – this is the awareness step. The place where you are starting to realize that your thoughts are limiting and are keeping you stuck. You may stay here for years, but it needs to happen before you can go on to healing this negative belief.

This is the part where the light goes on – but you have not decided to go into the room to check out what’s in there. A great way to start connecting to these thoughts is through meditation.

Step 2 OWN IT: Yeah baby, you have to own that those thoughts.

The belief may have come from your childhood, from a tragedy, from someone hurting you – from anywhere – THEY ARE STILL YOURS. SO OWN THEM. They do not belong to anyone else. They are yours, because you are still thinking them.

AND IF YOU DON’T own it – then the negative experience is mastering you. When you own your thoughts, you become the master of it – and now you are ready to change.

What worked for me and many that I work with is reading this declaration of self-esteem.  It was my mantra in my early twenties, as I started to realize I owned all of me.  This was the true beginning of my healing.

Step 3 – ACCESS IT – This is the part where you start looking at why you are having the thoughts and begin the step of finding ways to add new positive thoughts in your mind.



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I will not be ruled by a Scale

15337537_10155575657632796_4934307323736323964_nOn my cold morning walk today, I was stuck that ¬†I’ve committed to an exercise¬†routine. Not because I have to but because I want to. ¬†I’m moving my body because it makes me feel free. ¬†This awareness hit me and I thought, “oh how sweet it is –¬†to have this desire deep in my spirit¬†that it’s become a habit.”
You see before, like so many other people I was focused on a number.
I wanted the¬†number on the scale to go down. I wanted to¬†achieve a certain amount of weight loss at a¬†certain date and time. I followed a certain diet plan and had to follow other people’s
I ignored my¬†passion of the need to feel FREE when I am doing anything. ¬†No wonder I failed. ¬†I was following someone else’s ¬†plan instead of my own.
So I will not be led by numbers, instead, I will focus on healthy living, being well with in my mind, body and spirit and having a joyful time while doing it. I am looking at the accomplishment that I got out of my warm bed and went out to walk and enjoyed it.
This to me is #livingfromwithin and #stopweightingtobethin.
I am free! I am free! I am free to be ME!!

I am in love

403896_10151247710882796_1607457981_croppedI met this wonderful person today. She seemed so familiar to me; it was as if I had known her all of my life. It felt and continues to feel great.

I know she will be in my life forever and will be loyal to me. How do I know this? Because I am in love with ME!!!!
Not a narcissistic type of love – but a soul-type of love.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and liked how my summer dress flowed over my body; it felt so comfortable.
As I watch my body change, I can feel my spirit becoming
lighter and lighter.As I focus on living from within, weight is coming off, but I’m not focusing on what the scale says. ¬† What I’m ¬†shedding is immeasurable.
I’m transforming and aligning my physical body with my soul body.
As I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized I’m in love. I’m in
love with me and what a blessed gift it is to be totally in love with yourself.
It isn’t a selfish or egotistical¬†love but a love that comes from a Divine
acceptance of who I am ‚ÄĒ¬†right where I am.
Does it not make sense that the God who created you and loves you beyond measure, would also want you to feel that way about yourself?
I hope you will answer¬†“yes”. Why, because life really is good!